2024 International Conference on Intelligent Education and Computer Technology(IECT 2024)
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Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:   

Track 1: Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining   

 Data-Informed Learning Theories
 Learning and Teaching Processing Mining
 Emotional Learning Analysis
 Learner Engagement and Involvement Quantification and Analysis
 Learning Early Warning and Learning Intervention
 Design and Adoption of Learning Analytics Tools
 Adaptive Learning Decision Support and Feedback
 Multivariate and Multimodal Learning Assessment
 Data-Driven Performance Prediction
 Discourse analysis in Interactive Learning Environments
 Collaborative Learning Analytics
 Social and Epistemic Network Analysis
 Ethical Issues in Learning Analytics

Track 2: Technology-Enhanced Learning and Instruction

 Designing Interactive Virtual Reality (VR) Simulations for Science Education
 Integrating Gamification Elements into Online/Offline Course Design
 Utilizing Learning Analytics to Inform Instructional Design Decisions
 Video Conferencing in Learning
 Social Media Integration in Instruction
 Digital Resources and Tools for Instruction
 Interactive Simulations for Concept Teaching in STEM Education
 Automated Grading Systems: Benefits, Challenges, and Best Practices
 Personalizing Feedback to Support Student Learning
 Technology-Enhanced Classroom Management Strategies
 Digital Attendance Tracking and Student Progress Monitoring
 Innovations in Technology Integration for Instruction
 Interactive Whiteboards and Multimedia Presentations
 Flipped Classroom Models
 Integrating Robotics and Coding in STEM Instruction
 Identifying At-Risk Students and Tailoring Support Interventions
 Evidence-Based Instructional Decision Making

Track 3: Artificial Intelligence Enhanced Special Education

 AI-based Assistive Technology for Special Children
 AI-Powered Intervention Technology for Children with ASD
 Intelligent Behavior Sensing for Special Children
 AI-Assisted Assessment of Children with ASD
 Brain Source Reconstruction for Mental Disorders
 EEG Analysis for Special Children
 Intelligent Screening for Children with ASD
 Personalized Learning Techniques for Special Children
 Human-Computer Interaction Technology for Special Education
 Student Support Technology for Special Children
 Intelligent Tutoring Systems for Special Education

Track 4: Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations in


 Modelling and Representation of Individual and Group Learning
 AI and the Future of Learning
 Wearable and Undisturbed Learning Sensing Technologies
 Affective Computing in Education
 Generative AI in Education
 AI-enabled Personalization Learning
 Learning Content Recommendation
 Intelligent Learning Environments
 Human-AI Hybrid Systems for Learning
 Intelligent Agent (Assistants)
 Intelligent Tutoring Systems
 Educational Process Visualization and Dashboard
 AI-driven Transformation of Learning/Curriculum
 AI Ethical, Privacy and Security Challenges in Education